Protect your water meter against freezing

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Protect your water meter against freezing

In winter, you should take all precautions to prevent nuisance caused by freezing indoor water supply system components.

If the connection manhole is on private property, as required by the applicable law, it is your responsibility to ensure the protection and integrity of the manhole, water meter and valves.

Therefore, the costs for replacing a meter damaged by freezing shall be borne by you. We recommend regular inspections of the condition of the meter manhole and the meter to prevent any potential material damages.

Adequate protection of the connection meter, if it lies in a non-insulated meter manhole, may be achieved by using polyurethane or expanded polystyrene slabs.

Do not use moisture absorbing materials (straws, textiles, paper, glass wool, etc.). Make sure that the protective frame and cap are tightly secured and the cover is closed.

On frosty days without snow, place extra protection on the frame and cover with a plastic sheet on top of which you may pour soil to reduce the thermal inertia of the components found in the meter manhole. Please make sure that the soil can be easily removed to allow access to the meter.

What you can do to avoid the meter and indoor pipes from freezing, which is your responsibility:
• Do not completely turn off the heat when it is cold;
• Protect both the meter and the pipes from exposure to cold drafts.
If the counter has frozen, it must be thawed by heating the space where it is installed.

• Do not use an open flame;
• Do not pour hot water on the meter.

If you are away from home for an extensive period at a time, remember to drain the water from the indoor pipes. The proper method of draining the water is as follows:
• Turn off the line valve located after the connection meter (i.e. the valve situated between the meter and the pipe inside the building);
• Simultaneously open the water consumers (taps) on the indoor system so that the water remaining in the pipes might drain off;
• Open the drain valve located after the line valve (i.e. between the line valve and the indoor water system) until the water has stopped flowing, then close it once again;
• Once you have finished draining the indoor pipes, close all indoor system valves to prevent accidental flooding when you return home and open the line valve.

Protect the meter to prevent its freezing, while always ensuring access to the representative of Apa Nova Bucuresti for reading the index.

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