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Thank you!
Thank you very much for each call, email or letter you send and every visit you make.
You contact us for various types of information, send us applications and, as appropriate, thank us for our answers.

However, there are cases in which you contact us to warn us about certain issues that leave you unsatisfied as a result of dealing with us and, in these cases, you ask questions, make proposals and recommendations that often greatly contribute to optimising the communication between us.

The way in which you perceive and appreciate our activity and the relationship we build together is essential to us. We want to act promptly on each complaint and accurately answer and we hope we live up to your expectations.

There are still many issues that need to be improved in our relationship and we know that only together do we stand a chance at being better.

We are therefore pleased to invite you to become partners in our IDEEA CLIENT (Customer Ideas) programme.


We propose the IDEEA CLIENT (Customer Ideas) programme for better communication with our customers and consumers.

This programme is open to all the residents of Bucharest who wish to send us proposals for improving the relationship we have, proposals that may be implemented quickly and might have a positive impact on the provision and delivery of services by Apa Nova Bucuresti.

If you wish to join the Ideea Client programme, you may send us the sheet enclosed with this page here.

For an objective and transparent assessment of the ideas, there is a committee that assesses the proposals on a monthly basis consisting of:
• Apa Nova Bucuresti customers who have never been behind on the payment of their invoices;
• Representatives of associations that defend the customers' interests;
• Apa Nova Bucuresti representatives from various fields of expertise.

The ideas assessed as applicable in the committee are then implemented.

The results of each assessment are posted on our website. Each person who has submitted a proposal receives an official response from the management of Apa Nova Bucuresti and those whose proposals have been followed and implemented are rewarded with a surprise prize.

Let's start the flow of proposals!


IDEEA CLIENT (Customer Ideas) is solely dedicated to the submission of proposals for improving the customer relationship. For inquiries, complaints or grievances please use the Customer Relationship contact form

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