Apa Nova Bucureşti

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Apa Nova Bucureşti

Apa Nova Bucureşti is a Romanian company of Veolia Group.

The main scope of business of Apa Nova Bucureşti is the water source management, water treatment and supply to consumers, as well as wastewater and storm water discharge from the territory of Bucharest.

Starting November 2000, the company is the water supply and sewerage services concessionaire for 25 years.

S.C. Apa Nova Bucureşti S.A. is a stock company established under the law no. 31/1990, having the registration number J40/9006/1999 and the sole registration code 12276949. The office of the company is located in Str. Tunari nr. 60A, clădirea Ştefan cel Mare, etajele 6-9, sector 2, Bucureşti.

Data about customers (2014)

  • 2154 employees
  • aprox 2.000.000 consumers for water supply and/ or sewarage
    Data on the installations
    Number of water treatment plants in operation 3
    Number of pumping stations in operation 7
    Number of repumping stations in operation 31
    Number of house water supply plants in operation 111
    Length of the water supply network (Km) without water connections 2529 km
    Length of the sewerage system (km) without sewerage connections
    2324 km
  • Did you know that...
  • The human body contains 70% water?

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  • Shareholders


    The shareholders of the Apa Nova Bucureşti company are: Municipiul Bucureşti (Bucharest Municipality), Veolia Eau-Compagnie Generale Des Eaux , and ESOP - the Company Employees Association. read more

  • About the Bucharest Municipality

    About the Bucharest Municipality

    In 2000, the Bucharest City Hall granted the concession of public services of water supply and sewerage to Apa Nova Bucharest, for a period of 25 years. read more

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