Daily hygiene

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Daily hygiene

The perfect ally for hygiene, water allows us to make all the indispensable acts that protect us from various diseases.

A simple but essential act: hand washing!

Hand washing is required:

  • before cooking or eating;
  • after using the toilet;
  • after handling things;
  • after having touched or played with an animal;
  • if you are sick (especially after having coughed, sneezed or wiped your nose);
  • whenever the case, depending on the activities carried out.

The lacks of hygiene and germ transmission by dirty hands are the main causes for digestive diseases and respiratory infections as well as skin diseases (herpes).

A few recommendations:

  • avoid taking your hand to the mouth and chewing up your nails as these are the perfect places for bacteria to grow;
  • brush teeth after each meal, take a shower or a bath every day, especially after exercise, using warm water and soap;
  • always wash the fruits and vegetables to remove pesticides and nitrates;
  • wash and disinfect the fridge regularly;
  • adjust the cooking temperature so as to destroy bacteria and germs, at the same time preserving taste and vitamins;
  • always wash the wood floor/ floor with water to ensure healthy indoors;
  • a contaminated sink is much more dangerous than contaminated sanitation: disinfect the kitchen regularly (worktop, tools, larders etc.).
  • Did you know that...
  • Skin looks fresher and lighter if you drink enough water?

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