About the water we drink

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About the water we drink

Veolia is the leading world operator providing water supply and wastewater catchment services. Such services are delivered in Bucharest by Apa Nova Bucureşti, a Veolia Group company.

The water in the natural environment (lakes, rivers, underground water) is everybody's asset. As water is used for many agricultural, industrial or household purposes, it becomes rarer and rarer resource. That is why the public institutions are responsible to keep, protect and regulate its use.

Apa Nova Bucureşti intervenes during the entire water cycle by:

  • catching water in its natural environment, producing and distributing drinking water;
  • collecting and transporting wastewater.

More than 1,700,000 inhabitants of Bucharest benefit currently from the drinking water supply and sewerage services.

  • Did you know that...
  • Dehydration varies with age and has consequences over health: blood pressure drops, neurological malfunctions, fast degradation of the general state?

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