The role of sewage in water resources management

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The role of sewage in water resources management

The sewage system has a very important role in our lives as it protects both out health and the environment.

Due to management systems, the city as an entity represents the support required for an easy and decent life of the people (transportation, energy, housing, entertainment, water supply, sewerage, sanitation etc.). In return, the use of resources and waste disposal gives the city a destructive power on the environment and the people.

The reduction and degradation of water resources associated with increasing interest in public health and hygiene draws special attention upon the sewage service.
We use drinking water on a daily basis in most of our regular activities: for drinking, cooking, washing ourselves, washing dishes and clothes. Once used, drinking water becomes wastewater.

The sewage system is used to collect this water and to clean it before returning it to the environment.

Sewage represents a major stake both for public health and for sustainable development. At global level, the management of the sewage service is at the core of water issues.

The existence of a coherent sewage system influences the quality of the environment and thus of life.

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