The emptied wastewater discharge contract

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The emptied wastewater discharge contract

About the contract

Wastewater scooping and/or the discharge thereof in the public sewerage system is only permitted to such authorised private individuals and corporate entities («economic operator») that concluded a emptied wastewater discharge contract with Apa Nova Bucureşti and only with the means (trucks) for which the emptied wastewater discharge permit was issued.

The contract concluded with Apa Nova Bucureşti establishes the quality requirements that the emptied wastewater must meet in order to be discharged in the public sewerage system and the places where such discharge is permitted. The emptied wastewater collection contract will be concluded for no longer than one year.

The wastewater discharge permit will be issued for each vehicle (truck etc.) under the economic operator's ownership or use and which is used to scoop and/or transport the wastewater.

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