Water meter

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Water meter

1. How can I be sure that my water meter works properly?

To check whether the meter works properly, take the following test by using a bucket or a 15 or 20 liter water can: make sure all the taps are turned off, and then fill in the bucket / can. The consumption read on the index must match the quantity of water in the bucket/can.

The good operation of the meter may also be verified by means of metrological control. Find out more

2. Why is the water meter replaced?

The water meter is a measuring instrument of the quantity of water you consume. The main characteristic of the type of meter used by Apa Nova Bucureşti is its reliability. To guarantee such reliability, the meter is subject to metrological controls every five years (or seven years, for the meters mounted after November 2012).

On such occasion, the meter is replaced with a metrological controlled one.
The meter maintenance will be the customer's duty.

3. Who pays for the meter replacement?

Apa Nova Bucureşti is the owner of your water meter. The meter is replaced free of charge upon the expiry of the metrological validity term or whenever technical problems are detected during regular inspections, etc.

If you have any doubts about the accuracy of the index on your meter, you may request for a metrological control.

More on the metrological control

4. I would like to relocate the meter. What should I do?

The documents required for such an operation are:

  • copy of the 1:500 scaled network site plan
  • 1:2000 scaled zoning plan
  • copy of the property deed
  • copy of the identity card or copy of the Sole Registration Certificate with the Trade Register, for economic agents

A work execution project will be prepared following the positive endorsement.

5. How is the meter read?

The index to be read consists of the figures in black (counter rollers). These are not separated by commas. Cubic meter is the unit of measurement (m3). Do not read subdivisions.

Find out more about the water meter here

6. Why do differences of registration between the connection meter and the sum of quantities registered by individual consumption meters occur?

Further to metering in the apartments, differences between the sum of the quantities registered by individual meters and quantities registered by the connection meter are found out sometimes.

Such differences may be caused by:

  • Differences of accuracy class - connection meters are of B class, while most of the apartment meters are of A accuracy class. The connection meter registers the entire quantity of water passing over towards the consumer, while the apartment meters have not such capacity.
  • Water losses before the apartment meters: depending on the mounting place, practice shows that, by aggregation, the water losses along the inner installations may by significant, without being registered by the apartment meters. They might be caused by distribution system failures or by leaky installations.
  • Consumption points not metered in the building; frequently, not metered consumption points exist in the building: taps in laundries, at garbage collection points or in basements. Such taps, if used for filling pickle barrels, watering the garden before the block of flats or that are simply running because this does not bother anyone, represent a large source of consumption.
  • Apartment meters mounting position: if the mounting position of the apartment meters recommended by the manufacturer is not strictly observed (generally, the horizontal position), in case of a slight deviation of the mounting position, the apartment meter will give registration errors.
  • Mismatch of meters' reading moments: a calendar gap between the date of apartment meters reading and the date of the connection meters reading may also determine such differences.

Individual meters have the role of informative consumption distribution devices inside the apartments. The manner of consumption/expenditures distribution inside the building is the exclusive responsibility of the owners'/tenants' Association.


To reduce differences between the connection meter registration and the sum of the individual meters registration, we recommend:

  • repair and maintain all the inner installations (including those in the building basement) in order to eliminate losses
  • mount individual meters outside the apartments, on the building's staircase, according to legal provisions and technical assembling specifications in order to be properly supervised
  • read the apartment meters in accordance with the date planned for reading the connection reading
  • detect fraudulent consumption
  • meter all the water sources in the apartments.
  • Did you know that...
  • Is water more important than food? A human can survive without food for approximately one month, while without water just one week.

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