Water leakages

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Water leakages

How can one detect hidden leakages? Find out here...

1. It seems there is water leaking from the pipes. How can I check?

In the evening - Turn off all the appliances using water and the taps, showers after their reservoirs are filled up. Record the value read on the water connection meter and the consumption distributor.

Remember - do not use any tap, toilet etc. during this time.

In the morning - before using water, check the value on the meter and on the consumption distributor again. If the index is different, it means that there are hidden leakages. In such a case, have your internal plumbing checked by a certified plumber.

2. I know there is a hidden leakage from the network, but it is not visible. How can I detect it?

First, check the seals on the joints, welding and pipes of the internal plumbing. Also, check the supply system of the various water-using appliances (toilet seats, washing machine …), taps (both sink taps and heater taps). You can use absorbent paper (blotter) to place on the pipes. If the absorbent water gets wet, there is your water leakage.

The hardest to detect leakages are those from the built-in pipes or underground pipes. In such a case, you need to call an authorised plumber.

  • Did you know that...
  • Water is essential for a child growth? Bones need the calcium in the water to develop. Among all the food resources, the calcium in the water is most easily assimilated by the body.

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