Apa Nova Bucureşti and you

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Apa Nova Bucureşti and you

1. How can I file a complaint?

As we are more and more demanding every day, your suggestions are vital to improving our services. If you are not happy with the services delivered by our company, you may file a complaint by using the customer relations form.

2. How much will it take to receive an answer?

The answer deadlines are set taking account of the way the complaint was sent and the answer option.

If you choose the answer by e-mail, you may get it immediately if you need a piece of information and maximum 3 days if your complaint required enhanced investigations in the field.

3. I cannot find the answer to my question on the website, who should I contact?

  • You may contact us online by means of the online customer relations form.
  • On the phone, at 021 207 77 77 or *7777
  • In writing on Str. Tunari nr. 60A, clădirea Ştefan cel Mare, etajele 6-9, sector 2, Bucureşti
  • Personally to our office located in 11 Dinu Vintilă St., 2nd district, Euro Tower Building (entrace from Lacul Tei Boulevard), Bucharest.
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