The bill

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The bill

This section provides useful information about the bill: its contents, how to pay the bill, how to ask for a true copy pr how to inform us about your new address to send you the bill to.

Here is the description of a few elements of your bill:

  • Customer code: each customer is assigned a sole number for fast identification in the database;
  • Consumption: this is the quantity of water consumed expressed in cubic meters;
  • Total payable amount: the amount payable as per the bill, the city wastewater tariff and possible current late tariffs;
  • Due date: bill payment deadline;
  • Previous balance/ service delivery balance: amounts related to the previous bills yet to pay;
  • Late tariffs balance: the amount payable due to the delayed payment of the previous bills;


When is the bill issued?

The bill is issued approximately on the same day of the month based on the water meter reading or estimation, if the access to the water meter is not possible.

What can I check on the bill?

Check the water meter index when you receive the bill containing the "Read index" ("Index Citit"). The index you read should be higher than that indicated on the bill.

What if I fail to receive the bill?

The failure to receive the bill will not justify non-payment. Call 021 207 77 77 to find out the amount payable and the due date or use the contact form so we could provide you with a copy of your bill. Call 021 207 77 77 to check the address the bill was sent to.

If such address is no longer valid and you failed to notify the company, follow the procedure described here (aici) to update your mail address.

How soon should I pay the bill?

The bill for the water supply/sewerage services is payable within the deadline, that is 15 days as of the issue date. The failure to pay the bill within 30 days as of the due date results in late tariffs. The late tariffs will be calculated based on the interest due for the failure to pay the budget duties within the deadline (pursuant to the Law no. 241/2006 on water supply and sewerage services).

How can I receive a true copy of the bill?

In case you lost the bill or failed to receive it, you may apply for a true copy thereof.
The subscriber may apply for such copy by phone at 021 207 77 77, by filling in the online contact form or with the office of Apa Nova Bucureşti located in Str. Tunari nr. 60A, clădirea Ştefan cel Mare, etajele 6-9, sector 2, Bucureşti.

What should I do if I change my mail address?

In order to continue to receive your bills, you must inform us on any mail address update.

The bill is sent on the name and to address provided in the service delivery contract signed with Apa Nova Bucureşti. If such data changes, please notify the company as soon as possible in order to update the bills and sent them to your new address.

To such purpose, please fill in the form and have it sent signed and stamped by fax at 021 312 44 37 or mail/courier to the Apa Nova Bucureşti office, Str. Tunari nr. 60A, clădirea Ştefan cel Mare, etajele 6-9, sector 2, Bucureşti.

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