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Apa Nova Bucureşti charges the same tariffs for all its customers:

  • Drinking water: 3,31 lei/ mc (without VAT); 3,61 lei/ mc (VAT 9% included)
  • Sewerage: 1,74 lei/ mc ((without VAT); 2,07 lei/ mc (VAT 19% included)

The aforesaid tariffs are approved by the National Regulation Authority for the Public Utilities Community Services (ANRSC) by the notice no. 426490, available starting with 01.04.2017.

What services are included in the drinking water and sewerage tariffs?

The catchment and treatment of raw water, the drinking water transport, pumping and supply, the wastewater and sewage collection and transport are the main services provided by Apa Nova Bucureşti to its customers.

How is the water and sewerage tariff fixed?

The tariffs charged by Apa Nova Bucureşti for both drinking water supply and sewerage are fixed in strict compliance with the provisions of the concession contract and the provisions of the Government Decision no. 1019/2000.

Tariff's structure and level were established in such a manner as:

  • to stand for the economic cost of the service provision:
    • the reasonable costs borne by Apa Nova Bucureşti (operation, maintenance, development, update costs);
    • a level of the rate of return that is equally proportioned with the type and risk of the business.
  • To stand for the efficient operation of the services;
  • To be environment friendly.

The tariffs are charged with the consent of the National Regulation Authority for the Public Utilities Community Services - ANRSC.

Why do tariffs change?

According to the Concession Contract, the tariffs are subject to two types of adjuments (increase or decrease):

  • ordinary: the tariffs are updated based on the inflation rate and the Leu/EUR exchange rate; such adjustments can only be performed when the inflation rises/decreases by at least 5%;
  • extraordinaire: the tariffs are updated in order to indemnify the customers / Apa Nova Bucureşti following the occurrence of unpredictable events such as law amendments or no repayable grants.

What is the city wastewater tariff?

The municipal wastewater tariff (TMAU) serves to finance the rehabilitation of the Bucharest wastewater treatment plant located at Glina.

This tariff is collected by Apa Nova Bucureşti in the name of and for the General Council of the Bucharest Municipality (CGMB) based on the CGMB decision no. 317/ 29.10.2008.

The tariff applies to all the customers (private individuals or corporate entities) benefiting from the sewerage services delivered by Apa Nova Bucureşti.

The municipal wastewater tariff is calculated and updated annually by the Bucharest Municipality. The municipal wastewater tariff for 2015 was established at 0.05 lei/ m3 of wastewater (sewerage and storm water discharge).

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