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Intellectual Property

Apa Nova Bucureşti SA keeps all rights (including but not limited to copyrights, registered marks, patents and any other intellectual property rights) relating to all the information provided through or on this website including but not limited to: texts, news, graphics, drawings, photos, illustrations, pictures, services and any other references, except the intellectual rights belonging to third parties and acknowledged as such according to the Romanian and/or international legislation.

Content of this site may not be reproduced, republished, copied, translated or altered in any way, partially or totally, without the prior express consent of Apa Nova Bucureşti SA.

As an exception, distinct parts of this site may be stored or copied on a personal computer if such parts are meant for personal use or for the normal circle of a family.

Any commercial use thereof or the use for any other purpose is forbidden. In no situation shall this clause be construed as an assignment or a transfer of intellectual rights belonging to Apa Nova Bucureşti SA.

Using the Site

This site may be used by Apa Nova Bucureşti SA clients/partners, as well as by any other individuals who want to benefit from our company's services or to be informed about such services.

Apa Nova Bucureşti SA does not intend to offer specialized advice through this site and no information contained in this site shall be interpreted in this sense.

Decisions made on the basis of this information shall be made on your account and risk.
Apa Nova Bucureşti SA does not certify or guarantee the fact that this site would operate without errors or interruptions.

The Visitor/User undertakes not to inappropriately use or misuse the content and/or the services of Apa Nova Bucureşti SA; he or she shall be liable for any damages thus incurred by Apa Nova Bucureşti SA.

In addition, the transfer, entering, alteration or deletion of data or other materials contained in this site or restricting the access to it and/or its linking to other sites/web pages without the express consent of Apa Nova Bucureşti SA is forbidden.

Information, Products and Services of Third Parties

Apa Nova Bucureşti SA disclaims any responsibility for the content and services offered on sites accessed from the Apa Nova Bucureşti SA site through links, hyper-links or advertisements or for the prejudice caused by the use thereof, such content being the exclusive property of third parties.

Should these terms and conditions be infringed by the visitor/user, Apa Nova Bucureşti SA may take any legal action deemed necessary for the recovery of the prejudices and, for its protection, it may block any visitor's/user's access to this site.

Limitation of Liability

Although it endeavours to offer its clients/partners up-to-date information, Apa Nova Bucureşti SA assumes no liability or guarantee for the accuracy, correctness or fullness of the information included in the content of this site.

Apa Nova Bucureşti SA, its partners and employees will not be liable for any direct or indirect prejudice of any kind (including, but not limited to financial loss, lost profit) caused in any way by the information/use of such information in any way/of services contained in this site, including by claims of third persons relating to this web-site.

Apa Nova Bucureşti SA does not grant any guarantee that access to this site is uninterrupted; neither does it assume responsibility for damages caused by possible deficiency or unavailability in the operation of the site.

Accessing and using this site will be done on your responsibility and we do not guarantee in any way that using or downloading the materials contained in this site would not produce any damage to your property, computer systems or databases and that such materials would not contain viruses.

Applicable Law. Disputes.

By using this site, user agrees that the Romanian laws shall govern the Terms and Conditions of use herein above, as well as any dispute of any kind that may come out between user and SC ANB SA company, its associates, partners and affiliates.

In case of possible disagreements between SC ANB SA and its clients, the amicable solution thereof shall be attempted first.

Should the amicable solution not be possible, the disagreement shall be settled in Court, according to the Romanian laws in force.

We remain at your disposal for any other information you will deem necessary and useful.

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