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555 years of existence for Bucharest

“Happy birthday, dear city of ours!”

* 22 fountains came to life before a few thousand inhabitants of Bucharest

On the occasion of celebrating 555 years since the first documented mention of Bucharest, the Municipality of Bucharest and Apa Nova București invited the inhabitants of Bucharest on Friday, September 19, 2014, from 7 p.m. to attend the inauguration of the first phase of the “Fountains of Bucharest” project.

Launched in May of this year, the rehabilitation and upgrading works targeted a total of 22 fountains located on two sections: Section 1: Piaţa Unirii (5 fountains) and Section 2: Piaţa Unirii - Piaţa Constituţiei/Palace of the Parliament (17 fountains).

The works consisted of replacing and upgrading or totally automating the fountain water systems, rehabilitating or replacing their decorative parts, mounting sensors and light and sound installations.

All the fountains are remotely controlled through a SCADA system. The music, jet of water and colors can also be controlled remotely.

The fountain lighting system is a versatile one and is operated and controlled by computer software (program) that can render almost all the colors from the rainbow spectrum (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet). This software also allows programming the fountains so that the play of lights and water jets might be correlated with any piece of music.

Another novelty implemented by this project is the name of the fountains that have been rehabilitated so far: Section 1 – bearing symbolic names inspired by the city’s history and Section 2 – the seasons of the year.

Section 1 – Piaţa Unirii – consisting of 5 fountains referred to as follows:

Fountain – A.I. Cuza
Fountain – Grigore I. Ghica
Central fountain – Bucur Fountain
Fountain – Constantin Brâncoveanu
Fountain – Emilian Pache Protopopescu

Section 2 - Piaţa Unirii - Piaţa Constituţiei/Palace of Parliament – consisting of 17 fountains to be grouped as follows:

Spring Fountains – 4 fountains
Summer Fountains – 4 fountains
Fall Fountains – 4 fountains
Winter Fountains – 4 fountains
1 anniversary fountain “Vlad Ţepeş – Bucharest 555”

The people attending the event received an information leaflet from the organizers about the history of Bucharest and the personalities who have left their mark on the capital city over time.

The investment for the rehabilitation and/or upgrading and extension of the wells from the Unirii area is borne in full by Apa Nova București.

The event was supported by Zoli Toth Project, through a live multimedia show, within the “Bach in showbiz” project, to classical music, pop, rock, jazz and Romanian folklore themes, proposed by the composer Adrian Enescu.

Moreover, the Bucharest Municipality together with Apa Nova București rehabilitated and upgraded the following fountains of the capital city in 2014:

•    Sărindar Fountain (Cercul Militar)
•    Rucăr Fountain (Titan)
•    Crinului Fountain (Herăstrău Park)
•    Senatului Fountain
•    Sfinții Voievozi Fountain
•    Odeon Fountain (Odeon Theater)   
•    Academia Militară Fountain
•    Dunărea Fountain (Ion Mincu University of Architecture and Urbanism)
•    Zodiac Fountain (Carol Park)
•    Izvorul Rece Fountain (Izvorul Rece Park)

The second phase of the “Fountains of Bucharest” project will be completed next year by completing the works on the Piața Unirii fountains and extending the fountains from Piața Unirii up to Piața Alba Iulia.

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