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Apa Nova Bucureşti places the customers' needs to the centre of its business. By improving our professional competences continuously and intensively, we succeed in keeping our customers satisfied. At the same time, we are making professional progresses.

Working with us will give you access to a wide range of training courses tailored to your needs so that you can successfully accomplish the missions you will be invested with along your career.

We know that our customers' satisfaction depends on the competences of each of us and that is why are one of the companies providing an extremely well organised and planned range of courses.

We support your professional and personal development aspirations by both long time training (specialization, master, MBA), and specialisation sessions held by our own experts or specialised companies.

Once you start a professional training with Apa Nova, either in technical or ability development terms, for accreditation purposes or to acquire new skills, you will be permanently informed on the course you attend and we guarantee your training by the best in the field.

And, as we value our colleagues' opinion, we ask them for feedback on the training they provided, thus improving our training sessions continuously.

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